Family Business Consulting

How I can help you

Family businesses are a unique mix of 'systems' that can result in challenges that traditional professional services such as accountancy, law and finance are perhaps not best placed to tackle.

The combination of business and family can provide many exciting opportunities but at the same time can leave individuals and families feeling ‘stuck’.

If this sounds like you, fear not! There is help and support available to you and your family and I would be delighted to talk to you about how I might assist.

I am a specialist adviser to Family Businesses and have been awarded the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising (ACFBA) from the Family Firm Institute. 

If you are experiencing challenges within your business and you feel that I may be able to help, please get in touch via the form below and we can arrange an initial chat.

Particular areas that you may be facing challenges with are:

  • Transitions such as succession planning
  • ‘Professionalising’ the family business
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Next Generation education and development
  • Governance
  • Family and Business Strategy



You will often hear that ‘Governance’ is the answer. 

Irrespective of the question! 

I can guide you through the process of understanding what Governance is and what role it can play in your family business.


As you will be aware, working with your family members can be both rewarding and challenging. 

I understand this and have the tools and training to help you unravel the complexities of family dynamics. 


Succession Planning, or business continuity planning as I prefer to call it, is a common area of conflict within a family business. It doesn’t need to be. 

My experience helps you to break this process down into manageable tasks that help to remove the tension that can often arise.



I work with families in business to help them to navigate the complexities that come from being in business together. 

I am based in the UK but available to work with families all over the World. 

I hold the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising. I have also been fortunate enough to have interviewed and worked with some of the brightest minds in the world of Family Business, both in academic terms and practitioners. I am actively involved in some ground-breaking academic research focussed on the rising generation within family businesses. 

My work is tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual family.

Areas commonly dealt with include:

  • Family and Business Governance
  • Ownership Transition
  • Management Transition
  • Succession Planning
  • Conflict in the family,
  • Sibling Rivalry 
  • ‘Co-preneurs’ / Spouses

Family Business Consulting is a conversational yet structured way to work with the family ‘system’. This includes those that don’t necessarily own or work in the business but are able to influence it.  This is often missed or misunderstood by other professional advisers as it is not their area of specialism.  

By working with the family ‘system’ and ensuring that everyones views and opinions are heard, challenges and transitions can become more manageable.

No. I am specifically trained and qualified in working with the family ‘system’ whilst this will inevitably involve the business to a certain degree I am not a business consultant or coach. I work closely with these professionals if necessary. 

I would love to hear from you, please drop me a note via the ‘Get in Touch’ section and we can arrange a call.