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Balancing the needs of your family, your business and the individuals involved can be really tough and bring with it a wide range of emotions. As a family business adviser, I work with you as a family to explore the challenges that you are facing and the options available to you to resolve these. 

Seeking help from someone outside of your family is a big step and it is a privilege and responsibility that I take very seriously. 

 – Are you looking at passing leadership or ownership of the business to the next generation, but struggling to start those discussions?

 – Are you feeling trapped in your family business?

 – Are you struggling to communicate within your family?

 – Are the boundaries between family and business blurred?

 – Are you looking to introduce family governance and you aren’t sure where to start?

I help you to address the issues you are facing, often providing new insights and ideas whilst creating a plan to help you overcome them.

I am a specialist adviser to Family Businesses and have been awarded the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising (ACFBA) from the Family Firm Institute.

Particular areas that you may be facing challenges with are:

  • Transitions such as succession planning
  • ‘Professionalising’ the family business
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Next Generation education and development
  • Governance
  • Family and Business Strategy

There is help and support available, you can get in touch via this page, or you can book a free, no obligation consultancy hour with me via the button below.


About Russ Haworth ACFBA

Russ Haworth is a specialist family business adviser based in the UK but works with businesses all over the World. He has been working with families in business for over 15 years, initially in a financial planning and wealth management role but now as a specialist family business adviser.

He is highly respected and has been awarded the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising, from the Family Firm Institute. This is recognised globally as one of the leading certifications for those providing advice to family-owned businesses

He is the Co-Director of the Quest for Legitimacy academic research project. A global longitudinal study that looks at the impact on the rising generation of growing up around significance. This ground-breaking research project will help re-shape how we work with the rising generation within family businesses.

He is also a member of the Advisory Board and Faculty at The Ultra High Net Worth Institute. The UHNW Institute is a non-profit and independent “Think Tank” – A publisher and curator of exceptional thought leadership and content relating to UHNW families, family offices, their advisors and the industry.


You will often hear that ‘Governance’ is the answer. 

Irrespective of the question! 

I can guide you through the process of understanding what Governance is and what role it can play in your family business.


As you will be aware, working with your family members can be both rewarding and challenging. 

I understand this and have the tools and training to help you unravel the complexities of family dynamics. 


Succession Planning, or business continuity planning as I prefer to call it, is a common area of conflict within a family business. It doesn’t need to be. 

My experience helps you to break this process down into manageable tasks that help to remove the tension that can often arise.

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Family Business Advice

More about Russ Haworth 

I am a UK based specialist family business adviser and I have been working with families in business for over 15 years. my passion for the work has seen me move from a career in financial planning and wealth management into my role as one of the UK’s most respected Family Business Consultants. I have my own, independent consultancy business called The Family Business Partnership

I have been awarded the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising by the Family Firms Institute. This is recognised globally as one of the leading qualifications for those providing advice to family owned businesses.

My career began in financial planning and in particular specialising in helping family business owners become financially and emotionally independent of their businesses. This led to me writing a book that explores not just the financial and technical aspects of family business transitions but also the often overlooked or ignored emotional aspects of these transitions. 

Ultimately this became the catalyst for me to realise that my passion and calling is in providing consultancy services to family owned businesses, helping them to navigate the complexities that come from being in business together.      

As well as providing dedicated consultancy support to families in business, I am a frequent speaker at national and international conferences. I also host of The Family Business Podcast, one of the worlds’ leading resources for families in business.

The podcast has a global audience and is supported by The Institute for Family Business.

I have been fortunate enough to interview the worlds’ leading experts in the field of family business and use these opportunities to expand my own knowledge and develop the active listening skills and natural empathy that have helped me to gain my reputation within the field.

I have undertaken extensive training in complementary disciplines such as Life Planning and Coaching and I have a keen interest in psychology, organisational development and human behaviour.

I am the Co-Director of the Quest for Legitimacy™  research project which is giving a voice to ‘rising gen’ family members from families of significant achievement and / or wealth. The project is seeking to understand the impact on individuals of growing up in a world where they are surrounded by significance. It explores how rising gen can find their own legitimacy, significance and purpose in life, be that within or outside of the family business.

This ground breaking research project has gained recognition across the globe and is being supported by The University of Adelaide.   


I work with families in business to help them to navigate the complexities that come from being in business together. 

I am based in the UK but available to work with families all over the World. 

Technology allows me to deliver the work that I do in an efficient and cost effective way. 

I hold the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising. I have also been fortunate enough to have interviewed and worked with some of the brightest minds in the world of Family Business, both in academic terms and practitioners. I am actively involved in some ground-breaking academic research focussed on the rising generation within family businesses. 

My work is tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual family.

Areas commonly dealt with include:

  • Family and Business Governance
  • Ownership Transition
  • Management Transition
  • Succession Planning
  • Conflict in the family,
  • Sibling Rivalry 
  • ‘Co-preneurs’ / Spouses

Family Business Consulting is a conversational yet structured way to work with the family ‘system’. This includes those that don’t necessarily own or work in the business but are able to influence it.  This is often missed or misunderstood by other professional advisers as it is not their area of specialism.  

By working with the family ‘system’ and ensuring that everyones views and opinions are heard, challenges and transitions can become more manageable.

No. I am specifically trained and qualified in working with the family ‘system’ whilst this will inevitably involve the business to a certain degree I am not a business consultant or coach. I work closely with these professionals if necessary. 

I would love to hear from you, please drop me a note via the ‘Get in Touch’ section and we can arrange a call.