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If you are enjoying the content that I am producing and you want to become a supporter of the show this page highlights ways you can do that.

The podcast is a passion of mine, I really enjoy recording useful content that can help you harness the power of your family in creating successful and fulfilled lives, with your family business acting as an enabler for this. 

The podcast is entirely self-funded. I have had many approaches to consider sponsorship, including some well known names, but as yet I haven’t been comfortable with any of these. 

The podcast has to retain its integrity as a valuable resource for you, and so any future sponsor would need to reflect this. The support arrangement I have with the Institute for Family Business is non-financial and is based on the fact that we have a similar ethos and passion for family business. 

I have been contacted by others who are keen to support what I do, if you are in a similar position you can see how below. 

Ways to Support the Podcast

The Family Business Podcast

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I created the podcast because I believe that informative and insightful information should be freely available to people.

The podcast is a passion of mine and entirely self-funded, some listeners have asked how they can support the show, so I have set up this “Tip Jar”. 

Any support very gratefully received – Thanks

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The primary purpose of the podcast is to be useful. There are now over 140 episodes of in-depth, expert content for you to enjoy and one way to show your appreciation is to share the show with your family, your friends or colleagues, or anyone else you think would benefit from listening. 

The show is enjoyed in over 130 countries across the World and my plan is for this to continue to grow. I would like your help with that. 

Whilst you have found the podcast and are listening there are many other families who are yet to benefit from the show. Anything you can do to help spread the word would be hugely appreciated. 

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Apple Podcasts is a search engine and like other search engines it uses algorithms to help potential listeners to find the show. 

As well as listening metrics such as downloads and looking for active podcasts that publish regularly the algorithm also looks for 5* ratings. 

It wants to know whether others are enjoying the show and so if you are enjoying the show, please leave me a 5* review on whatever platform you listen. 

From my analytics I know that this is predominantly Apple Podcasts so to make it easy for you to leave a review, here is the link to do so. 

If you feel there is anything that I can improve on, please get in touch via my email address, All Feedback gratefully received. 

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