A few years ago I embarked on a project to write a book. The book focussed on the challenges that families in business face when it comes to succession planning.

During that process I interviewed members of family businesses, family business experts, advisers and specialist consultants about this area of work.

I recorded those interviews so that they would form the basis of the book and I found listening back to them was really interesting.

The book has been written and one day I may get round to publishing it but the process of interviewing people and discussing the myriad of subjects that impact on families in business ‘gave birth’ to the concept of a Family Business Podcast.

As such the podcast was launched and its purpose is to provide useful insights from families and their advisers. I often hear that ‘my family is unique’ or ‘none of my friends understand’ and whilst this may be true to a certain extent the benefits and challenges of working with your family are shared across the world. The podcast is a way of bringing this all together in one place.

Family businesses are collectively unique and whilst the names, faces and personalities may be different the experiences are often more common than you think.

I hope the podcast helps with the navigation of these and if you would like to get in touch to discuss anything in particular head over to the ‘Work with Russ‘ page and get in touch.