Welcome to The Family Business Podcast

The podcast dedicated to helping your family business to thrive. 

Your Host

The Podcast is hosted by Russ Haworth. He is a Family Business Consultant and provides advice and support to families around the world.

Russ holds the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising, awarded by the Family Firm Institute and he works with families to help them to navigate the complexities of being in business with their family.  As well as hosting this podcast he speaks at conferences and events around the world.

The podcast will share tips and guidance from Russ’ own work with families across the globe as well as interviews with other experts in the field and family businesses who have shared their experiences. 

As you can see from this picture, Russ is also an accomplished ‘air flute’ player! 


“This series should be essential listening for all involved in Family Business, whether they are in the midst of that unique experience, or on the outside trying to help. The range of topics is suitably broad, and Russ’ interviews are relaxed and wide-ranging.”

Ian Marsh


“I am loving this podcast, not only for the fact that is tackles the ‘unique challenges’ faced by family businesses head on. But it provides insight and inspiration from the people who are making a success of it. Practical and thought-provoking listening.”

BettyKat500 - iTunes Review