The Value of Belonging

The Value of Belonging

Family Businesses can often feel alone and so in this episode we explore the value of belonging to a membership organisation or a peer group specifically tailored to the issues and challenges of being in business with your family.

I am joined on this episode by two individuals who work for such organisations.

Richard Hearn is the Membership Director for the Institute for Family Business and Daniel White is the Assistant Director of the Kansas Family Business Forum.

Both organisations exist for the benefit of their members, and in this episode we discuss the value of belonging to these organisations.

In this conversation we look at the value of belonging to a group where you can share stories, challenges and ask questions in a safe environment. What that means to members of such groups across the world. 

We also look at the important role that advocacy can play in ensuring that the views of family businesses are represented at Government level. 

Richard and Daniel represent different organisations but both have been around for 20+ years and this is a testament to the value that organisations like this provide. If you are looking for somewhere that it is safe to share, where there is a common language and a real willingness to share I would recommend finding a group that is specifically focussed on family business. 

If you are not UK or Kansas based, this will still be of value to you as there are other organisations out there that can help.

You can find out more about The IFB here:

You can find out more about The Kansas Family Business Forum here:

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