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African Family Firms - Global Conference

Tsitsi Mutendi and Nike Anani are the co-founders of African Family Firms and they have arranged a virtual conference for family businesses with speakers from all over the World.

Given that travel is restricted and gatherings are forbidden it may not seem the best time to be hosting a global conference. However, through the use of technology, determination and a global community of speakers and advisers Tsitsi and Nike have planned an incredible month of live and pre-recorded talks from leading experts all over the world.

Throughout the month of April we will hear from speakers all over the world with guidance and advice on how to weather the current storm and come out the other side in as good a position as possible.

This conference is open to all and I highly recommend that you register to hear more about the sessions that are planned.

You can register for the conference here:


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In these uncertain times, we’re here to help.  This is a time for us all to pull together and offer our skills and experience wherever we can.  That’s why we’re offering our services free of charge to those who need it during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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As part of our role as family business consultants with The Family Business Consultancy we are often called upon to support our clients through times of a major change or crisis and heightened emotion.  It’s what we do best.

We are offering access to our consultants at this time to help with the following:

  • Someone you can talk to if you are facing challenges in your family business.  We are impartial and non-judgmental.  Most importantly we listen and we really hear you.
  • If you have time on your hands whilst your business is in hibernation, we can support you in getting your family business affairs sorted, helping you to emerge from this crisis ready to face the business challenges and opportunities ahead.  We appreciate that not everyone is in this position.

You can talk to us, anytime, for free. Get in touch using the button above.

More Information on African Family Firms

On Friday 27th March 2020, the co-founders of African Family Firms and hosts Tsitsi Mutendi and Nike Anani were inspired to provide an online meeting place where Family Businesses could come together and learn from the best minds. Over 21 days we aim to bring the world’s foremost leaders and experts in one place to share with Family Businesses in 1 continuous 21-day online conference. 


Inspired by Vid-19 Conference. We realised that with the increasing number of shutdowns happening globally and many people working from home, isolated thanks to COVID-19, this conference is a place where Family Business owners, Leaders, enthusiasts and supporters can engage with leaders and experts around the world during this challenging time.

Think of this as your Disaster Recovery Plan and your Business Continuity Plan all in one place. But with a rock start line up of leaders and experts from across the globe.

The scope of speakers is not only focused on your Family Business operations but also on the critical Mental Health issues that have affected all of us during this difficult time. Consider this the Must Attend event for your Family Business in 2020.   

You can connect with Tsitsi on Linked In here and find out more about her work by heading to 

You can connect with Nike on Linked In here and find out more about her work by heading to 


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