Episode 28 – Mindfulness

In this interview with Martin Stepek we explore many of the challenges that families in business together face. 

The story of how Martin’s father came to Scotland is one full of difficulty and tragedy and the challenges of his father’s childhood stayed with him his entire life.  

Martin discusses the heartbreaking realities of having to wind up the business and the effect that had on the family, both positive and negative. 

Martin also discusses how he came across Mindfulness and the scientific benefits of practicing mindfulness. 

We talk about how we should be defining success and how this may seem counter intuitive to many

Martin also discusses his role with the Scottish Family Business Association and how they support Scottish Family Businesses. 

You can read about Martin’s father’s journey from Poland to Scotland via Soviet gulag’s, an incredibly moving story. 


You can find out more about Martin here: https://www.martinstepek.com/

He is on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-stepek-b122b614/

He is @MartinStepek on Twitter and has a website dedicated to Mindfulness here: http://tenforzen.co.uk/

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