Branding and Strategy beyond COVID

As we emerge from this crisis there is an opportunity to ensure continued success for your family business. Choosing the right strategy will be the difference between doing this in a way that is aligned to your values as a family, and coming across in a genuine way, compared to appearing as tone deaf and icky.

Jeremy Miller is a the Founder of Sticky Branding a branding and strategy agency based in Toronto, Canada.

Jeremy works with family businesses to help them to grow their brands. He used these techniques to grow his own family business before deciding to sell the business to focus on what he was passionate about.

In this episode we discuss branding, strategy and give practical and real examples of businesses who are positioning themselves to thrive in an ‘After-COVID’ world.

We also discuss succession and the role that the next generation can play in the future strategy of the business.

You can find out more about Jeremy here:

If you would like to email Jeremy for his ‘Green Shoots Worksheet’ you can do so here:

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