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Wealth 3.0

Wealth 3.0

Wealth 3.0

What is Wealth 3.0?

In 2019 I attended the Purposeful Planning Institute’s Rendezvous in Denver, I was speaking at the conference but also got the opportunity to hear Jim Grubman’s keynote, which remains one of the best I have ever seen.

Jim explains in this keynote the evolution of wealth advice and the foundations that advisers, as well as society as a whole, based their views on wealth and the wealthy.

In this episode of the show Jim explains how we moved from Wealth 1.0 to Wealth 2.0, with better resources, better understanding and better processes than in Wealth 1.0.

He, Dennis and Kristin then engage in a lively conversation around what Wealth 3.0 means not just for advisers, but the families that we serve.

We look at the work we need to do, but also what we can learn from fields such as positive psychology in developing our practices.

Listen to the Episode here: 


Key Takeaways 

Below are some of my key takeaways from the discussion on Wealth 3.0. 

  • The way in which families are demanding that services be provided is changing. As a profession, we need to evolve and embrace learning from other professions and other fields of study. 
  • Our understanding and attitudes towards wealth are also evolving and we need to embrace this. 
  • In looking at what we can learn in advancing the field Dennis, Kristin and Jim highlight three questions: 
    • What do we keep from our past that still serves us?
    • What do we let go of that no longer serves us? 
    • What do we learn and implement that will serve us into the future?


For me, these questions are key for any organisation that serves families of wealth and are keen to learn and embrace and continue to evolve towards Wealth 3.0.   

Meet the Guests

I am very grateful to Dennis, Kristin and Jim for their time and insights in this interview. 

You can find out more about Dennis Jaffe here:

You can find out more about Kristin Keffeler here:

You can find out more about Jim Grubman here:

You can also find out more about the Purposeful Planning Institute by visiting their site here: 

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