Private Podcasting

Private Podcasting

Podcasting and in particular private podcasting is a growing medium for businesses all over the world.

Some are using podcasting to reach new customers, some as internal communication tools, others are simply using them as a means to put out content that they want to hear.

In this episode of the show we look at some of the ways that private podcasting has been used by families and family businesses to help record their histories or even record elements of their family business governance.

What is Private Podcasting?

This podcast is a public podcast, it is listed on public podcast directories and players and is available all over the world.

A private podcast is an audio (or video) recording that is only available to selected people. Rather than being publicly available for people to listen to and share a private podcast can be securely set up so that only those that you want to listen, can listen.

Voice or video recordings can be a far more personal way for people, families and businesses to record their own stories.

Listen to the Episode Here: 


How to get started with (Private) Podcasting

You could be forgiven for thinking that you need to have a load of equipment, IT knowledge and a massive budget in order to get started with any form of podcasting, but the reality is, if you have a smart phone, you have all you need to get started. 
The key to knowing how to get started is to be really clear on what it is you are looking to achieve with the podcast. If it is to win more clients, raise the profile of you or your business or, like this podcast, you want to provide useful and insightful to a worldwide audience, a private podcast is probably not right for you. 
However, if you are looking for a new and innovative way to record your family history, create interviews between generations, record specific episodes focussed on periods of time within the business, specific events or you are looking to create a legacy to pass down to future generations private podcasting could be perfect for you. 
Have a listen to the episode to find out more and get in touch if you are looking to get started.  

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About StoryKeep

StoryKeep produces private podcasts for families, businesses and enterprises.  

To help people understand the emerging world of private podcasting, they host regular webinars.

If you would like to gain a solid understanding for how the emerging platform of private podcasting (both audio & video) can help families and enterprises succeed, they invite you to attend one of their upcoming webinars.

Find out more here:

Jamie Yuenger is a podcaster, professional interviewer and legacy filmmaker. 

Jamie Yuenger

She co-hosts the podcast Totem and founded the film production company, StoryKeep, which creates documentaries honouring life stories and family histories. 
Her work merges state-of-the-art media making with personal history. 
Her unique approach has received accolades from Worth Magazine,, Modern Luxury, CNBC, Crain’s NY Business, the Connecticut Post, and more.
Piet Hurkmans is the Head of Content at StoryKeep and host of the podcast Totem. 

Piet Hurkmans

Originally, he worked as a documentary filmmaker. In particular, he
made human interest pieces about people’s ‘inner worlds’, films that investigated human drives and sub-worlds. 
In 2009, Piet founded the leadership development company The Needs. He mentored C-suite leaders, gave masterclasses on storytelling, writing and filming. 
Piet’s work centres on the power of stories in public and private realms.