Mindfulness – Helping you live well during the Corona Virus crisis

How mindfulness can help you look after your mental health during the current Corona Virus pandemic

We are living in a time of extreme uncertainty and fear and as well as worrying about the health and welfare of our families we are also worrying about our businesses. The role that mindfulness can play during this time should not be underestimated.

If we are trying to make decisions whilst having feelings of fear and uncertainty we can make bad decisions.

In this episode I have a chat with Martin Stepek. He is a family business expert, was a member of a large family business and is a mindfulness coach o can offer unique insights into how to use mindfulness at times of extreme stress.

He used mindfulness to help him through some really difficult situations and in this episode we discuss how we can use mindfulness to make better decisions, to help us put the current situation into perspective and to find some peace.

We cover the neuroscience of mindfulness and discuss the evidence that shows that when we slow down our thinking and are more mindful, we are able to make better decisions, we are able to release more of our creativity and our human ingenuity.

Practising gratitude may seem counter-intuitive at the moment but again the neuroscience proves that this works.

We also provide some more practical tips to help you during this time.

Martin’s own family business went into administration in the early 2000’s and he found that during that extremely difficult time he was able to use his mindfulness practice to help him through.

You can find out more about Martin at the following sites:



During this difficult time I would like to offer as much support as possible for those of you who are facing challenges. Times of stress and worry can cause additional strains within your family business and if you feel you would benefit from a chat, I would be happy to arrange a Zoom call, just click on the button and get in touch. 

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