Family Business Network Conference

George and I headed along to the fourth Family Business Network conference in Carlisle.

It was a fantastic conference with great speakers and guests, I was also asked to record a live podcast and this is the result.

I interview George Bryan who grow up at Drayton Manor Park, listen to this episode if you want to hear his views on the transitions that he has witnessed and been part of and why Toto the chimpanzee doesn’t like him very much!

We talk about the history of the park and what it was like to grow up in a theme park, how his experiences have shaped his own career and what plans he has for the future.

You can find out more about the work of Sue and Dave at the Family Business Network by visiting their website here:

The conference covered a wide range of subjects from some great speakers. If you are looking to join a community that will support you through the various stages of owning and running a business, please speak to Sue and Dave. They are passionate about supporting their members and do an awful lot of work to ensure this support exists. 

The conference was great fun. They are held annually and so if you like what you hear why not come along to a future event. 

If you are looking for specific help with a specific challenge in your family business I am a specialist in working with family businesses and I would be delighted to help 




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