COVID-19 Update from the Institute for Family Business

COVID-19 Update from the Institute for Family Business

The Institute for Family Business do lots of great work representing the family businesses of the UK. This includes lobbying Government and hosting events to help your family business build lasting legacies. 

We last spoke to Fiona Graham, Director of External Affairs and Policy, during the first UK lockdown. 

Since then a lot has changed and so Fiona joins us again to provide further insights into the work that she and the Institute for Family Business are doing on behalf of family businesses here in the UK.

We look at the impact that COVID has had and some of the innovation that has been seen from the UK’s family businesses.

We discuss what policies the IFB are lobbying Government about, specifically linked to COVID and away from COVID.

We also look at some of the key findings from the 2020 State of the Nation report including an increase in female leadership amongst family businesses.

We look at the fact that family businesses tend not to access all of the support that is available and the impact that may be having on their finances and attitudes to taking on debt.

We also cover the importance of applying for Research and Development credits



Find out more about the TEDx event here:

You can read the State of the Nation report here:

There is additional COVID-19 guidance for family businesses here

You can find the IFB on Twitter: @IFB_UK

and their website is

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