Re-inventing the Family Business after the pandemic

On this episode I speak with Dennis Jaffe.

For over 40 years, Dennis has been one of the leading architects of the field of family enterprise consulting. As both an organisational consultant and clinical psychologist, he helps multi-generational families to develop governance practices that build the capability of next generation leadership and ensure ongoing capability of financial organisations and family offices to serve their family clients.

We draw on Dennis’ expertise and experience in this episode to look at how you re-invent your family business after the pandemic.

We look at what other family businesses have done through previous crises and in particular those that Dennis has studied for his book ‘Borrowed from your Grandchildren’.

This looks at family businesses that have survived for more than 100 years and explores the common characteristics of these firms.

In a wide ranging conversation we cover:

  • What families can be doing now
  • Reviewing why you are in business together
  • The roles each generation can play
  • How to build resilience

You can find out more about Dennis and his work by heading to

You can find his Linked In profile here:

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