Episode 8 – Coach Pete and Deliberate Practice

This week we are joined by Coach Pete Walsh from Phoenix Arizona

For over 20 years, Pete Walsh has been helping people reach new levels of results by mixing fun, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to personal development.

Pete provides Executive and Business Coaching for leaders and teams that are committed to reaching the highest levels of business results and personal satisfaction.

We talk about deliberate practice, a method adopted by elite athletes and musicians to hone their skills and how this can be adopted by family businesses to help them to thrive.


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Episode 7 – GDPR

The rules regarding Data Protection are changing and GDPR will have an impact on your business.

In this episode we talk to Kitty Rosser, a data protection lawyer about new Data Protection laws that are coming into force next year.

The implications of this legislation will affect your business so it is important to understand what you need to do.

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Kitty covers this. You can find more about the new rules by following


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Episode 6 – We discuss the results of the latest PwC Global Survey

Global accountancy giants PwC conduct regular surveys to gain insights into the issues that family businesses are facing across the world.

In this episode Russ speaks with Sian Steele, UK Head of Family Business with PwC about the results of the most recent survey.

We discuss ‘The Missing Middle’ and the lack of Digital Strategy, plus the ever recurring theme of a lack of significant succession planning within family businesses.

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Episode 5 – The Importance of Communication

In this episode Russ speaks to Ian Marsh of www.familydr.co.uk about the importance of communication.

Communication is essential for any successful business and this is even more true within a family business.

Ian gives an overview of some of the common area’s of poor or miscommunication within the family businesses he works with.

We also talk about Interpersonal Neurobiology, a fascinating subject…..no really!

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Episode 4 – Structure

When you start a business, you may not be overly concerned with how the structure of the business will affect you in 1, 5 or 10 years time.

Russ and Nick have a chat about some of the more common structures and how these may affect things further down the line.

We start to introduce the concept of ‘governance’ and formalising the way in which the business operates.

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Episode 3 – Finding your ‘Why’

In this episode Russ and Emma have a chat about the importance of understanding why you would work with your family. Running a business can be fantastically exciting and rewarding, but it can also be really tough. Having a thorough understanding of why you are working together.

What are your aspirations, values and reasons for going into business together?

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Episode 2 – A chat with The Institute for Family Business

In the episode we chat to Fiona Graham, who is the Director of External Affairs and Policy at The Institute for Family Business.

Fiona shares some great insights into the role of The IFB, their influences within Government and the support that is available to family businesses.

It was a really enjoyable chat and Fiona is a fantastic advocate for family business and the hugely significant role they play within the UK economy.

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