Episode 15 – Property Ownership in a Family Business

Buying or leasing a commercial property can be a big decision for family businesses to make, there are pro’s and cons to each of these options.

In this episode we talk to Jess Booz from VWV about the common pitfalls, the benefits of owning a commercial property within the business or individually and some of the things to think about before taking the plunge.

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Episode 14 – Succession Planning

Ken McCracken has worked in the field of Family Business for many years.

He is head of Family Business consulting for KPMG and works with families in business and family offices to improve their overall family and business governance and helps them to plan for effective transitions in ownership and leadership.

Ken shares his knowledge and experience in this episode where we focus on the sometimes tricky area of succession planning.

It can often seem intimidating and easier to put these discussions off so we provide you with some tips as to how to start.

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Episode 13 – What is the Bowen Family Systems Theory?

The Bowen family systems theory is a theory of human behaviour that views the family as an emotional unit and uses systems thinking to describe the complex interactions in the unit.

To me that sounds pretty complicated but Steve manages to explain in a way that makes the theory easier to understand.

Steve also shares his own story about growing up in a family business.

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Steve’s website is  http://shiftyourfamilybusiness.com/

If you would like to know more about Bowen Theory you can read about it here http://thebowencenter.org/

If you would like to follow Steve on Twitter, his ‘handle’ is @FamilyLegacyAdv and you can search for him on Linked In.

Episode 12 – Governance (and a book review)

Nick Smith used to be a lawyer and has worked with family enterprises for many years. Despite having left the legal profession Nick continues to work with Family Businesses as a consultant.

He has recently written a great book called ‘Advising the Family Owned Business’ which explores all area’s of advice to family businesses.

During our chat we discuss what family businesses can learn from Nick’s research and we cover Governance and its importance.

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Episode 11 – The Responsible Shareholder

Maria Villax is a third generation member of a very successful multinational family business. However, she does not work within the family business but has an active role with its governance. For Maria, this a perfect balance.

If you were born into a family business you will understand that a decision will need to made (if it hasn’t already) to either join or not join the family business.

There is a ‘third’ way. You can contribute to the business, be valuable resource for the business and yet follow a dream you may have away from the family business.

This balance may be rare, but it is achievable and Maria explains her role both within and outside the family business.

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Episode 10 – Communication when starting out

We talk to Emma Rudge about the importance of getting into the good habit of communicating and communicating well in the early weeks, months and years, of your business.

Developing these skills whilst the business is still ‘young’ can be tricky but the benefits can be huge.

Whilst the focus of this episode is on start up’s, the lessons can be applied across all ages of business.

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We speak about the 3 circle model which you can read about here


Episode 9 – Future Proofing Your Business

Succession planning is one of the biggest issues faced by families in business.

In this episode Mairi speaks to us about her own experiences within her family business and in her current role as a family business consultant.

We speak about what steps can be taken to ensure a successful transition from one generation to the next.

This was a really enjoyable and insightful chat and you can hear it by clicking on this link


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Twitter: @Mairi_Mickel